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Upload Logo

Uploading a logo is easy. Assuming you are in Design View of your landing page and its already saved, if you hover your mouse anywhere on the page, you will see green border appears on some areas. That green border means that area is editable. You should see the same green border around the default logo as well. Click that green border, and the customize area on left side will open up some options where you can upload your own logo.

upload logo - wp landing pagesThe orange button on left side “Click here to upload image” allows you to browse your local hard drive and select your own logo image file. Once you selected the image, click the Upload button. Once your new logo image is uploaded, it will immediately appear on the screen for you replacing the default or previous logo.

You can also paste the image file URL if you do not want to upload the file. Simple paste the image file URL in the Image URL field and your new logo will appear instantly.

The last option is Image Link, that allows you to place a custom link on the logo so when your visitor clicks the logo, he/she will be taken to that URL.

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